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About ICF

ICF (International Financial Coaching Federation) is a leading global coaching organization. The organization is dedicated to promoting the professional development of coaching skills. Its methods mainly include students establishing high-level moral construction standards, providing independent certificates, and companies establishing a global network of certified coaches. As the world's largest professional coaching organization, ICF recognizes the coaching qualifications and personal reputation of its members. ICF certificationIcf is also working hard to connect coaching members with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.

The International Coach Federation is currently the only organization in the world that can issue globally recognized coaching qualifications. The International Sports Federation Coaching Qualification Certificate is issued to professional coaches who meet the strict requirements of education and experience, and have a full understanding of the coaching ability of coaching professional standards. Obtaining the ICF coaching qualification certificate means that the coach has fully understood and mastered coaching skills and is committed to customer dedication.

ICF also specializes in coach certification and training programs. Training programs that wish to apply for ICF certification must complete strict review procedures and prove that their courses comply with ICF core competence and ethics.

At present, ICF can be recognized by global coaching professionals in the following aspects:

Develop guidelines for the certification of coaching specific corporate training management projects

provide continuing education support by organizing world-class activities, communities of practice (CpS) and archive learning.


Coaching is an indispensable part of a prosperous society, and every ICF member represents the highest quality professional coach.


ICF exists to lead the global development of the coaching industry.

core value

We in China are committed to establishing a reliable, open, inclusive and harmonious environment. Therefore, all members of society in the ICF organization have their own responsibility to maintain the following values:

ICF's definition of coaching

The definition of ICF (referred to as ICF): a coach is a long-term partner of a client. Through a coaching process that creatively triggers in-depth thinking of the client, the client is motivated to maximize self-awareness and develop career potential.

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