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How to wash bedding? We must understand this knowledge

Bedding supplies are a very important item to ensure that we have quality students’ sleep. Clean and clean the bedding allows our skin to breathe with them, as if gently wrapped in a baby's muscles. Bedding Hong KongTherefore, the cleaning of our bedding cannot be ignored. Today I want to talk to you about the need to clean the bedding.

First of all, it is recommended to wash the bedding at least once a month. When using for the first time, it should be rinsed with water to wash off the surface paste and floating color of printing and dyeing

When washing flax products, do not rub or twist them hard (because the fiber is brittle and easy to fluff, which affects the appearance and lifespan.

Third: You can pick some wormwood leaves and put them in the quilt, so that we can clean up the mites in time

White silk products cannot be placed in camphor balls or in a camphor wooden box, otherwise they will turn yellow.

Fifth: It is necessary to take out to expose to the sun frequently, because without sunshine education is a free disinfection machine. ·

In any case, clean and tidy bedding is the premise of our sleep quality. So we need to clean our bedding frequently. Welcome to search Luban on Baidu for more home furnishing knowledge.

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