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Master daily health knowledge

1. Maintain a good posture: As the saying goes, "Stand like a pine, sit like a clock, and walk like the wind". It means to stand up straight like that, stand upright like a clock, and walk fast and powerful like the wind. This is very important for us (especially children and adolescents) to maintain the correct posture and allow the body to grow normally.

2. How to sleep comfortably: In the past, people thought that sleeping on the left side would oppress the heart, sleeping on the stomach would hinder breathing, and so on. In fact, the human heart and lungs are in the hard ribs and thick muscles,Micro lnjection Molding just because of the sleeping position will not be affected. Of course, there is no reason to say that sleeping on your back is the best. Therefore, any posture that students feel very comfortable in learning and can sleep soundly is our own best sleeping posture. Of course, child safety is an exception.

3. If you exercise for 5 minutes a day, if you compare the effect of exercising every day to 100%, then do it every other day for 85%, do it every three days for 50%, if it is once every two weeks, then do not participate in the exercise same. Therefore, even 5 minutes of radio gymnastics or light exercise every day can be effective. The important thing is that we persist every day.

4. The pace of walking should be fast: walking can be a very beneficial exercise for enterprises, and it will only be effective if it is at a speed similar to jogging. When you are on the way to get off work or shopping on the street, you might as well speed up, catch up with and surpass the people in front of you, and buy time and exercise.

5. Active rest methods: When working for a period of development time, and feel tired of learning and want to rest your right hand, you might as well move your left hand gently, which has the greatest effect on eliminating fatigue for students. According to the research conducted by scientists, if you control your left hand If the cerebral cortex is excited, it will in turn inhibit the enterprise from controlling the cerebral cortex of the right hand, thus failing to effectively eliminate fatigue and restore energy.

6. (English to Chinese) "Multitasking" is inefficient: some people turn on the radio or wear headphones to listen to music while studying. From the perspective of brain physiology, when external influences and light stimulation are added, the brain cannot carry out highly concentrated thinking activities. playing light music on site is to improve efficiency and is limited to simple manual operations.

7. The cause of obesity can be eaten too much: every day we need to eat 100 calories more food, it will gradually turn into a fat accumulation of about 11 grams in our human body, so that the company continues to develop for a year, people will be fat About 4 kg. And for a 100-calorie food, rice is only about half a bowl, and cheese is only a spoonful of us. Fat students think about it, can you overdo it every day? The popular view is that weight loss must be on a diet. people can become thinner as long as they participate in sports, and take the example of athletes increasing their exercise volume to reduce their weight on the eve of the competition. In fact, athletes can only develop and achieve success if they exercise under strict dietary conditions. Exercise is not so much to lose weight, as it is to enhance physical fitness.

8. Don't eat spoiled food. Many people think that in order to prevent food poisoning, just cook the food well. In fact, the cause of food poisoning is not the bacteria themselves, but the toxins produced by these bacteria. These toxins will not disappear after boiling, so it is best to throw away leftovers and rotten food.

9. Avoid bad behaviors and hobbies: Smoking, excessive drinking, eating sweets, eating spicy and irritating products are all recognized by American medical scientists as "497" killers and should be avoided as much as possible.

10. Figure 10. The best way to wash your hands: When an epidemic breaks out, people often tell each other to wash their hands more. However, the bacteria on the hands cannot be washed away only by sloppy washing, especially for some people, they can even use soap or hand sanitizer, let alone the development of cleansing and disinfection. The best way is to wash your hands under the tap for at least 1 minute and wash off the bacteria with soap, otherwise washing your hands will be meaningless. It should be recognized that, as a general hygiene awareness, frequent hand washing and prevention of infectious diseases are completely different in nature.




Master daily health knowledge


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